Terminal connector (30)
Description Terminal connector
Keywords Terminal connector
Type A
Made in China

NYC is a full range of electronic connector spot service platform, professional sales of imported well-known brand connectors. Main JST, KET, YAZAKI Yazaki, DEIPHI, HRS, SUMITOMO and other industries import brand connectors. At present, it is one of the largest connector suppliers in East China, and has become the designated supplier of many domestic electronics enterprises. Using Internet big data technology, Youhuo Mall has developed into a supply chain platform that provides integrated spot futures services and provides professional and reliable connector supply chain solutions with rapid response. With "how fast and good province" as the business purpose, to help the intelligent upgrade of the connector supply chain.

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Special type connector

Terminal series

Soft sleeve series

Hard sleeve series

Microwave oven connector

framework of power supply series

Fuse holder connector

Air-condition and refrigerator used socket

connector for washing machina

connector for automobile

SMT connector